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A hospital made errors in the treatment of a patient

A hospital made errors in the treatment of a patient, the patient has sued the hospital, but the hospital is unwilling to disclose the patient's records of the treatment. How can the patient obtain his treatment records from the hospital through the court and weaken the hospital's position?
An application for specific disclosure (CPR 31.12) shall be submitted to the court using the N244 form. Where concerns regarding the adequacy of an hospital’s disclosure have been raised in correspondence but not dealt with satisfactorily, the court can order that certain specific documents are disclosed. In the application for specific disclosure the patient shall indicate that the reason why the order is being sought is because the hospital has not disclosed treatment records which the patient believes are in its possession and that those documents may adversely affect the hospital’s case. 
In the witness statement, supporting the application for specific disclosure, the patient may specify that the requested documents are clearly relevant and are likely to support the patient’s case and that the disclosure of those documents is necessary to dispose fairly of the case against the hospital and to save parties’ costs.