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Returning a faulty car

A client bought a BMW car from a dealer. Before the purchase, the dealer advertised the car as having a full factory warranty for the next 24 months. However, immediately after the collection, the client detected that the car had an incorrect oil filter fitted, which was causing oil pressure problems in the car. Official BMW service centre advised that the factory warranty will not cover that repair and that the extent of this could even be if the car needed a major engine repair. The client decided to reject the car and to receive a full refund, however, the dealer ignored emails. As the dealer failed to fulfil their obligations to provide a full factory warranty for the car, an official Letter Before Claim was submitted, giving the dealer 14 days to pay the refund. The dealer was advised that ignoring the Letter Before Claim may lead to the client starting court proceedings and the dealer may incur legal costs. As the result, the dealer refunded the money within 3 days after the letter receipt.